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 "Best of the best DJ"– Vogue 

After years of DJing at the most prestigious parties across the world, Sam has combined his vast experience and knowledge of music, production and visuals to create the ultimate DJ-live show: Kaleidisco.


The show unites top international musicians and dancers with the latest technology, offering infinitely flexible lineups from DJ, sax, and percussion 3-piece all the way to sweeping spectacles with vivacious dancers, live trumpets, razor-sharp electric violins, and rousing vocalists. Kaleidisco also offers the option of a synchronised psychedelic light show to be projected onto the stage, featuring geometric patterns, dazzling visuals and explosive pyrotechnics that will throw you right into the centre of the kaleidoscope!


        Ideal for noise-restricted events & venues.

For more information, get in touch.

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